rotten root breeds rotten fruit

I would refrain myself from generalizing the whole UiTM as being useless, although I surmise, not opening and accepting Malaysians of other races will eventually depress the standard and quality of education over the country.

We need world class universities but it doesn't be reflected by our action and conduct. We always put the political interest first rather than thinking about future generations who will take a lead of this country. We spoon-feeding them with ingredients so that they will just simply blindly follows or be a half-past six yes man.

Let us forget about this marching. We completely knew this as there was somebody in the veil who forced them to be man on the street. They are used as puppets or somehow rather be victimised.

Personally speaking, I think our nation has been screwed so badly after years. A lot of us loose the capability to act maturely. I know it will take a long time to heal completely, but I believe that with determination we will get there one day.

There is no issue of disparity between races here. We live as one nation. I believe new young Malays are brave enough to compete with others. We don't afraid to play on a level playing field.

We urge the government of the day to instill the competitiveness in the Higher Institutions of Learning. No more privileges to demand for. No more Tongkat. We are independent.

We advocates for openness and the spirit of challenging without politics being in the way. We want all these primarily because we hate the word 'Ketuanan Melayu' even though this was enshrined by Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

We are now able to compete and beat Chinese, Indian, American, Russian and the rest of the world. and therefore we speak English pretty damn well!

We worked together side by side to build this country irrespective of races.

Please set aside all these privileges. This is the first way of light for the dawn of this new era.