dishonour to the nation

I heard from someone about this. Our 'Jalur Gemilang' was put upside down. The flag which reflects our national dignity was displayed as such simply because it is a sign of distress.

No matter what ever reason behind all these, the national flag belongs to the people. It is not something that we can mess with it.

Yes, we are a nation in distress, but we have not given up all hopes. To some people probably this might cause more stressful.

It's a pride of the nation. Please leave it as it is.

Sometimes it is not good to follow everything we seen from the .net, kan?


Anonymous said...

Regarding to Malaysian Muslim, we are the chosen one to protect this country away from the disbelievers and debaucheries. In other word, this country is part of our dignity! Malaysia belongs to Islam, since the history wrote about it, thus, we have to conquer and protect it it. We're not saying we're not accepting non-muslim, moreover, we should protect them as long as they obey the commandment of the ruler. Merdeka!