guinea pigs in dilemma

Billions of ringgit spent on courseware and teaching aids will be wasted if the Education Ministry decides to revoke the policy of teaching Maths and Science in English ...

I am not pretending to be hypocrites here. Amidst of this dilemma, I strongly advocates this matter as regards to teaching Maths and Science in English is essential and important. In a long term mission we wants our future Malaysian to be well versed in English. No matter how misery it is, we must adhere that we are going no where without English proficiency.

As National Union of Teaching Profession secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng puts it in stark perspective: "It will be extremely painful for everyone. Billions of ringgit would have been wasted in teacher training, reprinting textbooks, and formulating courseware and teaching aids. It would all have been a sheer waste of money and time."

Yes. Turning back or to reversion would be wasted tax-payer money and there will be much complication that apparently put teachers and school administration in a mess. The Government particularly Ministry of Education must stick on this matter and trying to recover the loopholes as far as possible they can do.

Everybody knows that this is not a matter of ridiculous or a mockery. It would neither a political ambitious nor trying to get a sympathy from the Rakyat. This is all about the sake of our future generation who will running this country for years ahead. I hope our Education Minister will consider all these prudently and diligently.

Please do not put six years of hard work going practically "down the drain"
. Cheers.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that UMNO is killing the malays, but I don't agree that Dr Syed said the science and mathematic subject is taught in English is killing the malays.

So many malays graduated in local university is so bad in their english, they can't speak and write properly, so most of them got their job in goverment sector but not in a private company.

If we don't sharpen our english now, do you think in future you can struck a businese deal with a western country in BAHASA MALAYSIA?

aireen said...

salam..i am a student-teacher who will be graduated in B.Ed TESL in 2009..FYI,TESL is teaching english as a 2nd lang..i personally didnt agree if we have to turn back to teach sc & math in malay.we had been trained on d pedagogy to teach sc & math in english for a few years during our degree will be such a waste if we, the future teachers do not apply what we learnt during our training in teaching college...

the first big mistake done by the ministry of edu was..they don train the teachers first before they implement ETEMS..they implement the policy first then they train the teachers..lots of problems occured..shortage of competent teachers to teach those subjects in english n wasting time...teachers had to attend courses n cudnt attend classes..teachers became the victims..obviously..workload + stress + decrease their motivation to teach (for those who never been trained in english during their study in teaching college)...n also the students..they got confused, helpless if they were in rural schools plus if the teachers themselves made mistakes while teaching.....both side didnt get any benefit..

our system of education had suffered since the implementation of ETEMS,it will suffer more if we switched back to teach sc & math in malay...we have to start again almost everyhthing....wasting time, money,energy and intellectual.

enuff said (^_^)V