veritas temporis filia

“The assurance by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to Pakatan Rakyat partners (Parti Keadilan Rakyat and DAP), that PAS will not abandon the alliance to join the BN, is not bona fide and is not supported by past events,” DAP chairman Singh said in a statement yesterday. “After the March 8 general elections, PAS had talks with Umno to form a coalition government in Selangor. This was an act of bad faith as both DAP and PKR were not informed of such a move by PAS.” - Today Online

Here it is, another move by Mr. Karpal. He wants Pakatan Rakyat to relook PAS membership’s in the coalition. It was really disgusting especially for the ancient politician like him right?

Did he ever realize what the people really demand right now? Instead of saying PAS is not credible, which sources did he found substantiated and first information reports with regard to UMNO-PAS secret talk issues? Did he have a clear picture about this?

In fact, every Malaysian is waiting to see changes after the unprecedented March 8 electoral victory by the opposition.

But, alas, many of us are now disappointed to see our 'saviours' still busy politicking rather than working towards realising their election promises.

People voted for DAP, PKR, PAS not because they are DAP, PKR or PAS; but because people want CHANGE, and CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. What is the use of DAP, PKR, PAS to the people who voted them in, if these parties are no different from B.N.??

Precisely now, people are seeing that DAP behaves and acts like MCA and PAS, like UMNO.

People are beginning to ask: WHAT IS THE POINT?

Perhaps, what the Opposition parties sorely need are coalition makers, not coalition breakers.

Let the people judge. Meanwhile, I end with this Latin quotation:

Veritas temporis filia (Truth is the daughter of time).